Friday, September 02, 2005

New Orleans

As I have stayed home and watched TV tonight, I am saddened at the state of New Orleans. The devastation is unbelievable and the strive of the people are incomprehensible. This summer Kevin took me to New Orleans for my graduation present. It was the first time I had ever been. It was beautiful and extremely hot. I thought I would include some of my pictures I took so you could see the New Orleans before the tragedy.

The wonderful cemeteries. Very intriguing.

There were very interesting street performers.

Jackson Square

French Quarter

All the walking we did....... but it was worth it for the beignets.

We ate at Emerils' NOLA Restaurant... the food was amazing

I found this site that is the local New Orleans paper...

Oh well, have a great night. It seems that things are looking up for the the hurricane victims. Help is arriving and they are getting some of the things that they need. It will be a long time before New Orleans looks like the pictures again if ever.....


Patti said...

It's amazing to see the before and after of New Orleans. Thanks for sharing.

Poor Blaine, I didn't even check on his hands when I saw him today.

Have a great weekend. I hope you feel better by Tuesday. Get some rest! xo Patti

Anonymous said...

great pictures loved the one of blaine, buster and bullet. also blaines pictures that he took of himself is great.

nani and poppi