Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cub Scout Rocket Championships

Last night, Blaine competed in his first Derby Rocket Competition.
Dad, Blaine, and myself had no idea how to create this rocket but we did alright. Blaine won the competition and gets to fly his rocket with the big boys on Thursday night. Oh my!! Here are some pictures from the competition.

Here is the Golden Rocket

After being wound up 100 "cranks they get on the platform.

And they are off......

Anticipating winning.... (Zeke is helping cheer him on)

Jace, I think it is coming.. is yours first or mine???

And the winner is.....

First Place - Blaine Carter

All the "scouts" - (l to r) Jacson, Jace, Zeke, Zach,
Andrew, Taylor, Josiah, Blaine, and Kolten

One happy camper......

We will keep you posted on how we do on Thursday....

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Patti Roll said...

Way to go Blaine.... Have fun with the "big" boys on Thursday!!!