Sunday, May 14, 2006

Fantastic Friday

Wow.... our Friday started out with a Character Breakfast at our hotel ...Chef Mickey
This is a celebration where the characters come to your table and signs autograph books and takes pictures with your child... Here are Blaine's pictures...

Then we headed to Epcot.....

The "Epcot Ball".

Blaine's favorite ride....Mission Space... (not his parents though)... It gives you the experience of traveling into space... including lift off with G-forces and asteroid showers and it is even equipped with barf bags which Kevin and myself thought we might have to use. Not Blaine he was ready to ride it again... Needless to say we didn't.

Test track was a family favorite for everyone.... The ride takes you on a real test track to test brakes or the lack of, heat errorision, and then it takes you outside to get you to top speeds of 65 mph. We rode it many times.

Lunch was at the Japanese restaurant in the World Showcase (spotlights all the countries)
Here is Blaine looking "foreign" - very United Kingdom...

Then we came back and changed rooms... (the hike was crazy so we asked to be put in the main building...) Our room had been renovated and this is what it looked like.

A little different from the previous one..... ( totally different league... Kev loves the plasma TV).....

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