Friday, November 14, 2008

Long Time No Blog

Well things have been busy and hopping- here's a few updates......

We played some flag football....

Went to Kansas City to the doctor - Had a great visit -
Doctor said we don't need to see him again until next Sept.
We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge - Oh my - What fun

There was great fun for kids there
- they have a interactive computer game Magiquest -
very festive and the indoor waterslides were amazing...

Baked some Mummy Dogs by Chef Blaine for Halloween

Making good grades on our Spelling (Dad has taken over the Spelling)

Cheering on the Red Raiders when they beat a little team called UT....
Best Game ever - I even watched the whole game - AMAZING

Celebrating Red Ribbon Week with crazy sock day - Great legs huh???

Celebrated with friends on Halloween

Dressed up like a Quarterback Ghost - We currently are aspiring to be like Peyton Manning....

Paticipated in the Mock Election at school (we were the only elementary (out of six) that McCain carried)

Got our first Corps job - Flag Guardian - with the wind - it is a very challenging job..

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