Sunday, July 24, 2005

Happy Weekend :)

Well it has been an exciting week. I have completed my first week back to school with the Jump Start Camp. Unfortunately, Blaine had a seizure this week. (Wed.) We made it through and didn't go to the ER. He has been stopped up and I can guarantee he has a viral infection. Hence, that is when he has seizures and I don't know how to stop him from getting sick. We called Houston and we upped his seizure medicine. He is feeling better and is shopping with Nani and Poppie in Lubbock. They are celebrating their Annual Spend the Night Trip filled with school shopping, miniature golf, and lots of fun.

Just a cute picture of Blaine during Texas Public School Week. In Kindergarten they had "real" cowboys come and do a major show-n-tell. Doesn't Blaine look like a "real" cowboy? If you have ever heard him talk he does have a Texas twang.

Just for fun- I thought I might share some of my favorite places to hang out on the web.
Local news:
Check out what is going on in the fine city
The local Floydada Paper
My favorite spot for bargains
A recent find
Sam Moons - a favorite stop when going to Dallas is now online
Plainview ISD site...I maintain our campus site (La Mesa Elem.)

More to come later........ Have a great week....


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