Tuesday, August 16, 2005

First Day of School

Kevin always take Blaine to school in a "cool car" for the first and last day of school. This year is was a really fun jeep. Thanks to Terry Teague. Blaine loved it because it had no doors.

Blaine outside the school doors ready for a great day at La Mesa.

Well, we survive the first day of school. Blaine loves First Grade and his new teacher Mrs. True. I had a great day filled with Breakfast duty and Lunch duty for 3 year olds up to 4th grade. Tomorrow they are serving Frito Pie....wonder how many trays will be dropped by the PreK??? Hopefully I won't be wearing it.....

Have a great one.


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Anonymous said...

Blaine we love the pictures hope you have a good year in school. Love Nani and Poppy.