Monday, November 21, 2005

Blaine Turns 7!!!

This is what a 7 year old looks like.

This is Captain America.... better known as Blaine. We had a fall festival at Church on the 19th. Travis (Associate Pastor) did the amazing work above.

We had a good time... My job was to run the jumpy joe!!!

Blaine jumping in the jumpy joe.... it was chilly. Later that night we had the big slumber party.

Here they are.... no Blaine isn't 25!!! 2+5 I try to make everything a learning experience. Not really... Just hadn't bought the 7 yet.

This is a fake.... Blaine, Zeke, Jacob, and Jace

This is more like it... Party, Party.... We did have good time!!!

The next day we attended Payton's theatrical performance.(He didn't attend the slumber party due to the Bulldogs in the playoffs.)Payton in the playbill gave a special thanks to his best friend Blaine. Paytonian remember us when you are a star on Broadway.

Payton, Conner, and Blaine...Hard to believe - Conner was one of my first Post Office employees when he was in third grade...... He has changed. Well it was a great birthday weekend filled with fun, friends, and festivities. Ahhhh... to be seven again.....

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