Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Merry Christmas

The last day of school (Dec. 21) we had a schoolwide pajama day. We also have a parade using the teachers AV carts. Blaine got to push Mrs. True's cart shown above. He loved getting to wear his PJs to school.

Jace and Blaine after the Church Christmas Program. Blaine was a wiseman. The kids did a great job.

Blaine on Christmas Eve. Wondering what Santa will bring him. His favorite gift probably was FLOAM. (Styrofoam type playdough) It was a techno Christmas with a Gameboy, games for his Leapster LMax, and games for his Playstation 2. Wow!!! We did have a great one and are so blessed with great family and friends.

Kevin cooking on Christmas Day. It is a tradition that when we go to Dad's for Christmas we have steak prepared by Chef Carter. They were awesome.

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